Smyrna First Youth Savannah Mission Day One

YouthWorks Savannah Mission Day 1:

What an amazing first day f serving we were able to have! We got in last night after somehow surviving one of the worst rains we have ever driven through. It was nuts. Praise God for his mercy and his grace allowing us to be safe and get to Savanah greeted by our amazing YouthWorks Staff, a delicious dinner of pulled pork sammies, mac and cheese, baked beans, and some salad. It was a night of getting to know each other, asking what God might have in store for us this week and trying to get some sleep as our jitters of being away from the comforts of our homes, beds, wifi, night time music, and whatever else might help us fall asleep. I am happy to report, We are crushing this.

Today’s service day started with the right mindset as we are divided into 2 work crews. Since Savannah is where the girl scouts started we are the Thin Mints and the Lemonades. The thin mints made us an awesome breakfast after which we started our day with Jesus. Spent about 20 minutes in devotions to set our hearts and minds in the right direction. We split up to serve with the Lemonades going to the Salvation Army community center and the Thin mints going to the Boys and Girls Club and the salvation army Garden city. Lemonades enjoys playing with kids as young as 5 and as old as 13 with the summer camps happening there. It included education, crafts,  and rec time in the gym running around on a giant inflatable and playing basketball or other games like red rover. It was an incredible blessing to see students never lose energy as kids hung over them wanting their attention and love. They always gave it.

The thin mints were at the boys and girls club where they were able to play with some awesome kids and playing all forms of tag and one student playing basketball so much he’s going to be very sore tomorrow. At the Salvation Army as they were leaving a salvation army explained the inventory they worked on would be given away. This included things like coffee tables to families who have been eating on the floor and now will be able to sit at a proper table. One of our students explained the handshake they created with one of the little kids at the boys and girls club and how she can’t wait to do it again when she sees them again later this week. 

After this intense day we were able to relax on the beach and play in the water. Most of the students were so tired from the day they were napping or otherwise “resting their eyes.” Tonight we have worship followed by some debrief before hopefully some quick rest! Keep praying for the adults,  the youthworks staff, the city of Savannah and students to be good neighbors this week to all we are able to meet. 

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