Savannah Mission Day 2

What a day! We have had an amazing time serving the city of Savannah. Today was less a relational day for the Lemonades and more manual labor while the thin mints headed out to a shelter and was able to interact with Old City Mission and back to the Garden Center of the salvation army to do more manual labor. The Lemonades were able to sort clothing for Union Mission and help with a pet rescue. At union mission the students were given a choice, while it was time for lunch they could work through lunch and eat in the car as we drove to the pet rescue or we could relax and stop working to eat lunch. Every one of them said they wanted to work through lunch.  This pet rescue was out of town a bit. The site is a former hunting camp ground that would house the hunting dogs. It is now converted into a pet rescue where COVID has hit especially hard. This has been with dogs and cats that families can no longer afford because of a loss of a job, got a pet thinking they would like it because of lock down and have returned them, or have just left them on the side of the road. We were able to clean up the area that was hit with tropical storms and then paly with some of the animals. 

The Thin mints at Old City Mission loved being able to interact with the staff and get things ready for lunch. Then they went back to the Salvation army to continue working at sorting furniture and other donations. 

After our work day we were able to tour the First African Baptist Church which many of us learned for the first time was a part of the underground rail road. The tour included some incredible knowledge of how they were able to hide in plain site and the symbols in which they used to communicate. Many of our students were amazed that this church was build so long ago and yet has still stood even when it was built by slaves who couldn’t read. We are resting a bit now as we prepare for. My favorite meal… TACO TUESDAY!!!

Thank you for your prayers, we covet every one of them and can’t wait to share more with you soon!

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