Sharing What Can’t be Held In

Today’s update will be very short, today was a very exciting relaxing day. Today was a day of preparation. The group and I are currently watching the World Cup and I am feeling like a Site Director all over again (shout out to YouthWorks for preparing me for this!). We spent the day with Manu, walking around Kigali, getting the hotel prepared for the group and resting. I got to take a nap this afternoon and know I won’t again while I am here. I also spent time to prepare my soul for the leadership of this group, loving them as well as loving Rwanda. This experience I’ve had can’t be held for just me but you who are reading and those who are here must know this love and as always it doesn’t come from us but from above.


The group is awesome. A man named Eric lives in America but was born in the Congo and is a Rwandan citizen. He has a lot of connection here and will be a great help for me introducing us to people we wouldn’t normally meet. There are also 3 others who have gone on Rwandan trips with the company before. They have had great experiences and want to have it again, my prayer is I am up to showing them new experiences as well as giving them what they are expecting. I know how high expectations can be tough for a leader but I believe this country blows away every expectation. There is a Mom with 2 daughters, a married couple recently celebrated their one year anniversary, and others who are just incredibly excited to be here.


I truly hope I can lead these people well, but more than that I know this experience continues to amaze me. I don’t want to get bogged down in details and love people better. We also saw and heard Independence day celebrations as Rwanda celebrates independence from colonization. I’ve also discovered the sunset here can rival any sunset ever!


Tomorrow we head back to the genocide museum as well as to the national cupping lab to taste some coffee. Should be an amazing day for coffee knowledge and making connections. The next 10 days will be filled with action, stories to share and love to give. Thank you for journeying with me.


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