Delay’s and Patience



I don’t know how many people can relate to this sentiment but… Patience sucks!


I was expecting to be napping on a plane on my way to Brussels right now. Instead I’m sitting on my couch watching Netflix wondering how my nerves are going to last until I get on a different plane tomorrow. Today was spent mostly sitting at the airport waiting for a plane that just didn’t show up on time. The closest I could get to Rwanda and the coffee fields was gate D10 at Hartsfield Jackson Airport in Atlanta. Mike our Roast master and I sat patiently waiting, checking weather reports, looking at social media, hoping to be able to let the world know we were heading to our final destination. This was instead met with the harsh reality that we weren’t going any where.


I’ve been told often to be careful when I pray for patience because that’s when situations might arise that require it. This is definitely one of those situations. Patience is needed, patience is expected, patience is the only option I have. The first time I ever preached on a Sunday I was a senior in High School and one of the scriptures I used was Proverbs 19:11. “A person’s wisdom yields patience it is to one’s glory to overlook an offense.” My first reaction was thinking, if wisdom yields patience that what might cause impatience? Stupidity of course. It’s kind of funny to think about but much harder to live out. So today I’m trying to be wise. Trying to see the silver lining of not flying in the crazy storm that was overhead, enjoy one more night with my wife and puppy. I even get to play one more softball game tonight. So for now I continue to stare at these photo’s of my soon to be friends in Rwanda, waiting to create memories.


I hope to update this daily, even on the days I might not actually do anything. 🙂

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