Light of Truth – A Poem

Who are you my dearest Lord and what am I but your useless servant…”


Walking in a valley of concrete it’s easy to feel useless surrounded by sleeping bags, surrounded by heads hanging low and spirits even lower.

It’s easy to feel useless, when you have no idea what to do.

Walking in shadows make our actions sound silent, searching for light is the only conceivable plan.

Light, it never wants to be hidden, never wants to put under a shade or forgotten like it never existed.

The light of this world seeks to be seen, assisted by the most commonplace of people.

The splendor of gold and kings of the marketplace never notice the monetarily week as they hold eternal power. This light isn’t seeking to be reflected by silver, or create a glittering sparkle.

This light seeks to dispel darkness and disappear, seeks weak and wounded, seeks the never expecting and is reinforced in the corners of the world never heard of in a headline.

Seeking justice in the crisp cold of hatred wandering paths of confusion. This light is reinforced by the extraordinary in the normal the extraordinary of unknown souls noticing Truth and feeling light from light.

Knowing Truth has been there unnoticed begging to be.

It’s unnoticed by a man walking to a street corner thinking he’s trading sobriety for sanity, wandering streets searching for clarity and he honestly knows it’ll never be found in a high.

Truth is seen in the lives of others, beauty in waves gently kissing the shoreline, silent glistening mornings far removed from grungey abandoned sheds of shelter.


Far removed from addicts who can’t imagine life beyond their needle or hand grasping a beer. Because when I walk these streets I see there is a very thin line between heaven and here.

A very thin line for those folk who think they’re past saving because merciless people don’t understand grace. Grace restores and sees past anger of bigotry and hypocrites.


There are some like Bubba Al, scratching away selling water. Plastic hub cap round his neck, 5 years clean and forever to go. A curse on his life is what others may scream while Blessing walks among him daily. Blessing in the midst of confusion, Blessing as he speaks Truth.


While many walk blind surrounded by excess of materials, it is joy in simplicity that reminds me I am useless on my own. It is in this uselessness that grace springs forth, acknowledging faults, knowing we are dust and to dust we will return forever trying to love the rejected. Forever trying to reflect true justice that can’t be found in a courtroom reflecting the true heart that proves all of you, are accepted.

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