Random Thoughts on… Creativity

My discovered creativity, spoken word poetry

Growing up, one thing you would never hear me describe myself as is creative. I was never able to really color between the lines, my art teacher always had to spend extra time on my projects, and I don’t ever notice if my color schemes match. Until recently I have always had the impression of myself that God has just never gifted me with anything creative. I’ve read and heard messages about how God is incredibly creative, looking at the mountains and the oceans it isn’t hard to figure that out. But if we are all made in that same image, then shouldn’t I presume that God has gifted me with a form of His creativity? What I have learned from the ministry of listening is that creativity can never be limited to what we can see. Creativity can be in the way that we teach, it can be how we form words into sentences creating meaning and truth from our vocal cords. Creativity can be in the way that we worship. It’s an old concept to some, but when I enter into the sanctuary of God I know that I enter into holy ground. I’m not exclusive in this knowledge and while others acknowledge the holy ground they walk on but making the sign of the cross, or raising their hands in worship to God I’ve been known to take my shoes off.

I’ve heard it said that the creation gives great insight into the creator. We can look at the natural world with the simplicity of a beautiful sunrise, to the complexity of cell division or photosynthesis and we can gaze into the magnificence of our awesome Creator God. About a year ago, I started as a youth pastor and quickly learned that if I wanted to, I could work 24 hours in a day. My wife being the amazing woman of God and who I can only describe as wonderful, told me that I needed to get a hobby. I played baseball in college so finding a hobby was actually something I never thought of before. After seeing a Youtube video of spoken word poetry it unleashed a creativity within me that lay dormant for over 26 years. God began to use this creativity to connect with a community I never even knew existed. The poetry that came from the Holy Spirit within me has brought me into a new definition of creativity. God can and has used the arts to communicate His love to His children. From the poetry found in biblical texts, to breathtaking starry nights it’s important to take time to recognize God’s creativity in the world and the image He created us in.

In everyday life, I don’t think about painting pretty pictures, drawing portraits without stick figures, or how I can create a functional and wonderful-looking living space. But I do recognize the creativity in the Body of Christ working together in poetry, paintings, stained glass, technology, what seems like unlimited outer space, rolling hills, words speaking truth in melody, or even a newly created logo design. As we continue to walk through life with traditional creative gifts like painting or unconventional creativity like spoken word poetry, our witness can be in using the creative gifts of our creative God pointing to His glory.


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